A diagnosis of Celiac Disease can be challenging. It is my goal to smooth the way to better health and healing. I provide a wealth of practical as well as clinical information, the goal of which is to improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Some comments from patients who have been seen at my office……….

“Lynn is a Godsend, not only was she extremely knowledgeable about Celiac Disease, she also provided many practical tips and pearls of wisdom.”

John Obal
Co-Founder of a Celiac Support Group in Princeton
(The group meets at Whole Foods the last Wed. of the month)

Thank you for helping me to adopt the gluten-free lifestyle. I remember how scared I was when we first met five months ago after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Although I had done a lot of research on the Internet, I felt so unprepared for this change in my diet. I drove over two hours to meet with you because I wanted a dietitian who specialized in CD. I can now say that it was the best decision I could have made. You gave me everything I needed to know about GF alternatives and where I could find them. I left your office that day and stopped at Whole Foods on my way home with my list of GF foods. I have been eating GF ever since and have you to thank for the easy transition.
Everyone with CD needs someone like you to get started and follow the GF lifestyle. I am grateful for your help and support “

Donna DiPietro-Walk, Esquire